Exodus 20:12      

Honor your Father and Mother

Imagine for a moment your Moses.  Father has just had you climb to the top of a mountain so he could give you commandments for his people.  Father has just given you commands that honor him.  Four of them as a matter of fact. Then he lays on you Honor your Father and Mother.  Both my parents were taken in their 60s.  I and my siblings were not placed in a situation of having to care for a parent who could not care for themselves any longer.  I have seen however, Sharon’s sisters caring for her mother as she walked into the later part of her life.  My mom by marriage is a dear wonderful person. She has the ability to make a person feel at home just walking into her presence.  She loved her late husband and kids in a way that was passed onto the generations that would follow.  Helen is now almost 90.  She is preparing to walk into that reward that will bless her forever.  Those of us left behind will have a hole in our hearts that will be there until we walk with her in heaven. Our parents are with us for a short period of time, we need to honor them in all that we do, but that honor needs to be present even after they have been taken from us.  This commandment has a promise.  That promise is that our days will be long upon this earth.  I heard Helen speak of her father many times.  Always of a man of God who walked with Our Father, and was constantly in the Word. He was always seeking our Father’s face.  For those of us who still have parents here, you will not have them in your presence forever.  Enjoy them and honor them while our Father gives you the time to do so.

Go in peace