Exodus 20:1-21
                                                                                Honor your Father and Mother.
Yesterday I took one carnation to Sharon’s grave.  I do this to honor the Mother of my children and the love of my life.  Her grave site over looks a little bond, it’s quiet and tranquil and a great place to pray.   She is an amazing mother. Not physically here anymore, but still amazing.  Today as Rebecca was helping my grandson Sam with a project I could see her mother in her.  It was the type of project that I would probably not have been able to get my hands around, yet beck had the vision and mind set to do it quite well.  I helped her kids make her breakfast in bed this morning that was really a great time to see them learn the value of honoring their mother.   It is amazing to see what great parenting can do with kids.  And a proverbs 31 woman is truly worth her weight in Gold. What we as Children, and Husbands have to do is take the time and be that person who gives them the honor due them.  So let’s remember this coming year to give honor to whom honor is due. Our wives and Mother of us and our children.
Go in peace