Esther 4:1-14
                                                                       For such a time as this.
This is a period of time when the Jews were in grave danger.  God our Father had placed Esther in the Kings court as his wife, a Jew among gentiles.   Father created Esther for obedience to him to be in that Key position at that key point in time.  Father has placed each of us in key positions.  Whether we are in a position of authority or not he has us placed where he needs us to be.   We, as his servants, need to be constantly looking for the keys to how he is going to use us in any given situation.  At times we may find ourselves in positions that we are ill prepared for, yet if we are open and we listen Father will use us in those positions as we place our reliance on him and not try to figure out how we can handle situations.  It could be a pastor who finds himself leaving a church because Father has revealed to him that they are not teaching his word, but perverting it.  It may be a woman whose family is moved for work reason and finds herself counseling some people who are coming to her with deep emotional issues.  It could be a sports hero who lays out his faith every Sunday on a football field.  It could be a person who just goes to work, does his job, and finds doors of ministry open each and every day to fellow workers who would not hear the word except through him/her.  Father has placed each and every one of us here for a reason.  He placed us here with our gifting to carry out his word.  We are to carry out his word by what we think, do, and say.  We are to be an example to the world of the grace and purity and salvation that only comes through our relation to Jesus the Christ.  We are created to do something.  We are created by God almighty, the great I AM to do something.  We are created by our Father for his purpose.  Start by asking Father to reveal what part of his purpose you are created for. Then ask him how to fulfill that part of his purpose.  The results may amaze you.
Go in peace