Esther 4
                                                                    For such a time as this.
This is the point in Israel history that Father will use a woman to protect his people. As we read through this we can see Fathers guiding hand in all that happens.  Yesterday I was at a once a month men’s prayer breakfast.  One of the men who was in fellowship with us is the news director for the Local ABC affiliate.  This day we were studying the 10th chapter of the book of Daniel.  Steve made a statement about waiting for God our Father to show him what big ministry Father had for him.  The words hit me like a bolt of lightning.  We are all in critical positions of ministry.  Father in his designing fashion has placed us each where we are for such a time as this.  Steve was placed in the position that he is in because there are people who can only be reached through his influence.  Father has designed in each of us the ability to touch those around us.  The point was also made that when and if he is going to move us he will make that crystal clear to us that other thing he has for us to do.   All we have to do is look around where we are planted and Father will show us exactly who he wants us to touch and how.  He will bring to us the people that he will use us to touch.  Stop looking for the great ministry Father has for you. Know this. He has already placed you in it. It is in front of you.  Enjoy doing what Father has created you to do.
Go in peace