Ephesians 6:6-10

                                                                God will not be mocked

First I want to warn everyone not to open email that has RE 1 on it. Its spam

Believers here are warned a person reaps what he/she sows.  If a person acts in a way that honors Father and  does what that person knows the right thing to do that person will reap the results of those actions.   If one does things that go against what Father would have him/her do then one will pay the price of that as well.  Where one can really run into trouble is when acts against one’s own being and bring calamity upon oneself.  If a person is truly Father’s child one may have things happen as a result of one’s actions that are needed to bring one back under Father’s covering.  When one chooses to step out from under the covering of our Father, one is choosing to walk away from Father’s covering and has no one to thank but oneself for results that happen.  I am convinced that Father cries when one chooses to walk away from the protection he is offering.   Yet for us to truly love him we must have the choice not to love him, and to walk away from his protection.  Does that mean that a believer always has everything go “right”?  Believe me it does not.  Not at all, what it means is when a believer has things come against him Father will see us through it.  It means that we look at what is going on as even possible protection from something worse happening.  If something happens that keeps us from accomplishing we want to, or changes the timetable we must look on that as protection or at the very least God’s timing in what is going on.  The difference is this; Father will allow things to happen to bring a person back to himself.  If person lives a life of corruption that’s what will be received.  When a person reaps integrity and honor then what that person reaps is integrity and honor. 

Sow those things which have eternal value

Go in peace