Ephesians 5:15-21

                                                                What could of I have done differently.

Last night I was at a poorly attended class reunion.  There was a huge amount of drinking. There were a few people in attendance that I really wanted to see so that was good.  A couple of guys three to be exact were in the mode of vs. 18.   They were totally drunk and obnoxious.  At the time my attitude was one of condescension.  I looked down my spiritual nose at them. They were doing things to the women that if they had done as such to my wife I would have decked them.  As I lay in bed this morning thinking about getting up the thought went through my mind, “What could I have done differently?”  One question I should have asked them is this.  “How would you guys like to be one with God?”  One of two things would have happened.  I would have been blown out of the water, or it would have been a great thing starting discussions that could have led to people actually becoming one with our Father.  I was not prepared for what happened.  I had not prayed before I went into the situation.  We are called to be prepared in every situation.  It should have been an easy one to figure out.  I have been at class reunions in the past. Yet I was not. Of that I do repent.  Today as we go out, let’s make sure we are prepared for what the enemy will use to stop the word from getting out.  He will use us and our attitudes if we let him.  The key is not to let him.  We must be prepared for every situation.

Go in peace