Ephesians 2:19-22
                                                                We have become the dwelling place of the Spirit.
Do you realize how important you are to Father?  Do you realize the importance of our intimate relationship with Father through the Son by the Spirit? Do you realize the significance of the curtain in the temple being torn the second Christ heart stopped beating and he was in the presence of Father in heaven in a second.  We are now entering into the Christmas season again.  In the Christmas play Mary the play starts with the Father looking over at the Son at saying simply “It is time.”  Then he instructs the angel to go instruct Mary what is about to happen.  This is the beginning of the end of Mans separation from The Father.  This is beginning of Father coming to earth in the person of his Son to make men holy so his spirit can once again dwell within him. When the curtain was torn the Holy Spirit left the Holy of Holies and once again indwelt man.  Any person who receives the free gift that is offered by Father through the Son by the Spirit becomes a child of the King. As a child of the king become Holy.  As a child of the king becomes a royal priesthood in Father.   You’re a child of the King. Walk like the royalty that you are.  Don’t take anything from the enemy but by the power of the spirit conquer him, and see more and more people set free from the bondage that the enemy would put them in.
Go forth and conquer