Ephesians 1:3-14
                                                                New Beginnings in Christ
Paul had his ministry start on the road to Damascus that was the point when he had a personal encounter that would set him on a path that would lead to him being a key figure in Father putting together through the Holy Spirit by his Son the New Testament.  In this portion he speaks of us being chosen before the foundation of the world to be sons and daughters of the most high.  This morning as you sit here pondering these things let your mind go.  We have inheritance that is from our Father the Lord God himself.  Try to imagine what it means.  What does it mean to have every gift at our disposal? What does it mean to be able to use those gifts now?  The Christ chose Paul.  Paul could have refused the gift he was offered that day. He in fact grasped them with a fervor that would not just save the people of his age, but in fact save people for many generations to come.  This new year we all have a similar challenge before us.  What are we going to do with the gifting we have set before us?  Are we going to use them in a way that will change generations, or are we going to just let them die.  We are given gifts, those gifts come with responsibility.  We have to use those gifts that are given to expand his kingdom. We have to use those gifts given to us to see peoples lives changed in a way that will bring newness to them.  We have to use our gifting in a way that will bring people new life in the Christ.
This new year let’s pray and ask Father that he show us how to use the gifts given through the Son by the Spirit.
Go in peace