Ephesians 1:1-18

Today I spoke with a friend of mine.  She is a composer, vocal instructor, and performer.   Because of what Father has her involved with, she has several commercial endeavors going on at the same time. The coolest part of this was her discussion on inheritance.  She likened it to the nation is Israel going into the Promised Land.  Father had given them the land, but they still had to go in and take it.  Please my friends understand this point.  We are all given gifts. We can sit on those gifts, or we can use them for Fathers kingdom.  If we are willing to use them for the kingdom we are going to experience a totally amazing richness that we are not capable of experiencing in any other way.  It does not matter what your gifting is, it is given for the purpose of advancing the kingdom, not our personal gain.  If we are able to gain financially that is the reward we get to sustain ourselves on this earth.  But the most important thing we need to be looking at is how many people are being touched everyday because of what Father is doing with the gifts he has given us.  Is your gifting one of helps?  The help in such a way that those around will see Christ in all of your actions.  Do you sing? Then use your voice to draw people into our Fathers presence.  Do you teach?  Then equip those your teaching to go out into the battle and know how to use the ammunition they are equipped with by the gifting of the Holy Spirit.  Looking at the gifting you have been given.  It could be compared to a soldier going into battle checking to make sure his/her ammo belt is fully loaded.  Or an attorney checks his files before he heads into the court room to do battle.  In this instance our inheritance is the gifting we have been given.  Use what we have been given to mount a full attack on the enemy of man’s soul

Go in peace