James 1:2-8

This talks about falling into diverse trials and how to get out of them.  This talks about the trying of our faith producing patients.  This is something I do not like learning.  Patients is not one of my strong points.  I want things to happen and I want them NOW!   Father has a way of curbing that.  I have been shown that Father will use any means possible to get us to where he wants us to be.  If that means having a company shut down and forces us to start over so we learn absolute trust, that will happen.   We have a loving Father in heaven who’s is building his kingdom.  We have the choice to be part of that or not.  We are told if anyone lacks wisdom to ask our Father who gives it liberally.  The question is do we ask.   When things are tough, and we don’t know where to turn do we ask?  That’s all we have to do, when things are going nuts, we need to simply ask and Father will give to us liberally the wisdom we need in that situation.  There is one last thing we need to do when we ask, then we need to listen.  When Father gives us the answer, we need to listen and then do what he says.  It will work

Go in peace