Deuteronomy 22:9-12

                                                                What does unequally yoked really mean.

                Let’s say a person owns a company.  He/she has two employees that do their tasks very well.  However, they are not on the same page when it comes to doing the tasks of each other.  Or let’s take a look at the military.  You may have a sailor and a foot soldier.  Both are part of the United States military, both serve their country, neither could do the job of the other.  That is what is being talked about here.   Ok, Mike this is well and good, but how does this play out with a believer being unequally yoked?   Ok let’s look again at the Scripture verse.  Verse 10 talks about not putting a donkey and an ox on the same yolk.  Both are animals, both pull, both are headed in the same direction.    The donkey being a more stubborn animal will cause the ox to slow, or even stop.  It’s going to cause frustration for the ox wanting to move ahead with the plowing, and the donkey not wanting to move at all.  When you have a team of plow animals moving together in unison great amounts of ground can be plowed.  But when you have an animal that refuses to move forward all progress stops.  This is where catching the vision that Father has implanted in you needs to be connected with people with a similar vision.  We can have a deep caring and concern for other people, but if they don’t have a similar vision of where Father wants them to go the only thing that will happen is frustration for both parties.  There are two ways people become yoked together.  One is Father puts them together, causing powerful ministries. Or the people put themselves together and if the vision is not cohesive frustration is going to run very high.  Before you “yoke” yourself to another person in life, in business, or in ministry ask yourself the question.  Do our visions of where this is going “click”.  If they do go for it.  If they don’t you better consider long and hard who is putting this together.  If Father is in the middle, visions will be the same.  If Father is in the middle it will click.  If Father is in the middle it will work.   Vision is the key word here.

Go in peace