Daniel chapter 2
                                                Was it courage, or total trust in Father being who he said he was?
In this chapter the King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream.  Now having a dream in and of itself is not an unusual thing to happen. However, this was not to be a normal dream. Our Father likes to take out those who try to manufacture the reality of Him.  Father does two things here.  He gives the King a prophetic dream that really troubles him a lot.   And he is going to use said dream as a means to get his servant Daniel promoted.  The king is going to take drastic steps.  He not only wants the dream to be interpreted for him, first they have to tell him what went on in the dream.  If they can’t do both well let’s just say they are going to be made into many pieces by the king.  Somewhat akin to the wizard of Oz when the scarecrow is spread all over the place by the witches flying demons.  Only these guys won’t be put back together.  Father instills it in Dan’s heart to take the challenge.  He goes to the king, tells him what the dream entails, then gives him the prophetic meaning of the new kingdom Father is going to renew the earth with.   The question comes to mind. How do we use this portion of scripture today?  The key point is this. Dan in order to give all the information to good old king Neb had to really be tuned in and turned on to our Father.   Because of his being tuned in and turned on he was able to complete the task Father had set before him.  He was able to hear the voice of our Father by his spirit in a way that was used to bring good old Neb to the point of bowing down to Father.  Today don’t be scared step outside of your comfort zone to see lives changed.  When God tells you do to something just do it. He is responsible for the results not you.   Dan trusted God that the info he was giving was correct.  We must be willing to do the same
Go in peace