Daniel 6:18-23
                                                                                         What is your lions den?
This morning look at your life.  As you sit enjoying that first cup of hot coffee let your mind wander over things that you face this day.  Will there be challenges ahead.  Are you dealing with “stuff” that you should not have to deal with?  Is the day staring you in the face one which the enemy of your soul is doing things that to try to discourage you and take the joy of the Lord from you?  That was the kind of day Daniel was having.  Daniel was thrown into a den of hungry lions for worshiping the God of the Universe we call Father.   Something like this could really mess up a guy’s day.  Instead of compromising and worshiping the king of Persia, he would take the punishment.  However, our Father had other things in mind.  Daniel would be rescued by our Father.  The people who made the accusations against Daniel would be destroyed. Daniel would go on the have many visions that would encourage his people and also give assurance of the coming messiah.  We all, at one time or another, go through some things that are tough. Your day was probably not as tough as Daniel’s day, but tough none the less.  We need to keep our eyes on Father through the Son by the Spirit.  We need to hang in there, knowing that our Father has our back.
Remember we can’t see the end of what is going on. We see this spot in time. God our Father knows exactly how he is going to use us in any given situation.  We may not always understand what Father is doing. Because we do not always understand what Father is doing we need to simply trust.  Daniel could have taken the easy way out. He may have had a good life on this earth. He would not have had the impact on the kingdom he did by trusting Father and being ready to give up his life in his service.
We need to trust no matter what.
Go in peace