Colossians 3:1-3
                                                    If you have been raised with Christ?
The question that comes to mind this morning is this.  If we have been raised with Christ because of what happened that Sunday when Christ walked out of the grave, how can we be so non communicative with those who love us and we love the most. How is it that we as believers can attack those whom love us and want nothing but the best for us? It’s really quite simple, we take our eyes off the prize for a second, and do stupid things when the enemy of our souls whispers into out ears.  That my friend is precisely why we have to be so careful when we think we hear something to get clarification on what the true meaning of what was said  really was. So next time we find ourselves in a position of hearing something that just does sit well with us. Simply ask for clarification.  Don’t fly off the handle, keep calm and figure out exactly what is going on.  It may prove to solve a lot of heart ache before it happens
Go in peace