Isaiah 30:21-22

Your ears shall hear a voice behind you saying go this way or that.

Ever hear that voice, ever stand and wonder which way to go and the voice of Father Say this way or that.  Sometimes the  way we are told to go is  a tough one, but the rewards can be great.  Sometimes the way we are on is not one we should have started on to begin with but Father is trying to direct us in a new way .  I have told this story in the past but perhaps it should be told again.  I was on a Jesuit retreat in the cities, Demontriville.  We had some free time so I went for a walk, Demontriville is a silent retreat house in the cities, so  I walked  along this path and came to a lake, I could take the path to the right or the left, and I stood there for a moment and just listened.  Right I heard so I shrugged and turned right.  As I walked along enjoying the lake I heard Father Say go up the Hill.  I looked at the hill, the brush, the steepness, the grass, I shook my head, again the voice, climb the hill.  I started up, got scraped on the brush, poked in the eye, shoes got muddy, but I climbed the hill.  When I came out of the brush on the top of the hill there was the beautiful meadow, and the horses, wow, totally beautiful horses.  One came over to the fence I reached over and petted it, totally wonderful experience,  Then, I heard it, some of the most beautiful choral music I have ever experienced, cloistered nuns were singing to the Lord.  I walked to the fence thinking I would not get to see them sing, I looked down the fence, and there was a knot whole. 

I felt like Huck Finn, or Tom Sawyer.  I walked down the fence looked in and saw the nuns in choral formation singing to Father alone, it was a totally awesome experience that   I will never forget it. And all because I was willing to Climb that hill.  We don’t  always know what Father wants us to do. The question is what does Father are we willing to follow his direction in finding out.  What is the hill that is in front of us?  Do we find ourselves in a situation that is keeping us from true growth, a situation that we are scared to step out of because of the security that the situation provides us?  Are there other people dependent on us for their well being that makes us feel that we should not step out and do what Father wants us to do?   The voice that Father uses could be his, could be through someone who is placed in our lives for a time, or it could be from someone who does not hear from father but for this one instance, It’s time to look at the hill, pull up your but straps, (or at least tie your sneekers) and climb the hill.If we are willing to do what Father is leading us to do then he has to obligation to make sure all of our needs are met.  Sometimes it’s easier to stay in the muck we placed ourselves into, or were convinced by someone else to go into than it is to walk up the hill to higher ground.  Christ is the rock, sometimes we need to climb the hill to get on the rock, but never can we get on the rock by walking deeper and deeper into the muck.

Climb the Hill