Psalm 24

                                                Clean hands and a pure heart.

The two key verses here are 3 and 4.  Who shall ascend to the mountain of the Lord? He who has clean hands and a pure heart. As I look at myself I have done enough things in my life that my hands are not clean and my heart not pure.  It’s only through what Christ did on the Cross that my hands have been cleaned and my heart made pure.   The fact of the matter is this; everyone can be made clean and pure and walk into Father Presence simply by accepting the sacrifice that the Christ did on the cross and walking therein. Imagine with me that the day comes and you wake on top of a beautiful mountain.  The king is standing there and saying to you welcome, it’s time to walk into your new home.  There is no question in your mind how you got there, you see loved ones for the first time in years.  You realize you’re very alive, your mind is clear, and you walking not in the sunlight, but in the light that radiates from Father himself.  You realize that the cleansing that happened to you years earlier and the walk you have walked in is continuing on for eternity.  Imagine the joy of knowing that the warmth your feeling inside is strong but will grow stronger and stronger forever.  This my friend is the reward that waits those who have truly accepted the cleansing that occurs on the cross.  This is the reward that waits each and every one of us who truly walks in the forgiveness and cleansing that the Christ offers us by his shed blood on the cross.  All we have to do is walk in it.

Go in peace