Matthew 10:27-33

                What we hear we are to shout from the housetops.  We as believers have a message that changes men’s/women’s hearts.  We have the message of a coming battle that will lead to the nations finally being at piece.  How many times have we heard a contestant in a beauty pageant telling the judges they want world peace.  It’s a pipe dream.  We see in Jeremiah 6:14 where it says Peace, Peace where there is no peace.  At this point in history the world is a powder keg.  But remember Father is in control.  We don’t place our hope in man or his ability to talk and negotiate, but in our Father who in the end will resolve mans conflicts once and for all.  Our responsibility in this whole thing is to be telling everyone in our sphere of influence that Father is in control and that Christ will rule and reign in the hearts of men. 

Remember on the day of Jesus’ triumphant entry he told the Pharisees that if the Children did not cry out the rocks would.

Be a living stone that cries out

Be a talking Rock

Go in peace