2 Kings 26

King Uzziah stepped out of God’s design

                At age 16 he is anointed King.  For most of his life he was a good and gracious ruler.  The word tells us he did what was right in the sight of God.   Towards the end of his life he started to think he was in control of everything.  His ego got in his way.  The man started to take the glory that belonged to God and make it his own.   This brings us to the lesson for today? Father will do some amazing things through us, but he wants the credit for what he does.  When he places us in positions of authority it is for the purpose of us leading with a spirit of the servant leader.  Uzziah’s sin was pride.  Pride leads to destruction.  We can have confidence in God’s gifting that he has placed within us.  We have to remember this simple truth.  Father expects us to take the gifts he has given us and use them.  Our talents are given us for a couple of purposes.  The first reason is to bring glory to himself, and two to lift other out of the hole that the enemy would try to put them in. We have an obligation to work our behinds off in the use of the giftings we are given to see His Kingdom built.  We have to have the constant thought on our minds that the Glory has to be our Fathers.  Then we can really enjoy the fruits that happen as our reward for being a good servant.

Go in peace