Acts 17:5-10
                                                                                The spirit of the Church split.
 The Jews were filled with envy and  jealousy.  The Jews saw their power over the people being stripped from them.  Envy and Jealousy are two evil spirits that  want power in a body and are not  interested in  the body as a whole.  I have seen church split after church split. They all have one thing in common.  Who has the power?  The enemy hates to see a church working in unison.  It makes it extremely hard for him to break one of the members of the body off from the body  when the body works in unison.  Let’s take a look at the scriptural structure of the body.  Father passes his vision to the leadership of the body.  The body takes those “orders” and goes to work.  There is a chain of command.  What the Non Believing Jews saw was their control being taken from them by the body of Christ.  At this point they were defending their turf.  When we start to defend our “turf” Fathers vision get’s set aside for our vision and a split will happen.  When that happens the church gets wiped out.  When the body walks in Christ unity by his Holy Spirit then we start to see the enemy start to flee.  Remember we are instructed to walk in Christ’s love.  We are instructed in 1 Corinthians 13 it does not matter what gifts we are operating in if it is not done in the giving love of the Father it is useless.  Here is the order of how a church will really succeed.  1. Father’s purpose is paramount. 2. Father passes his vision through the leadership. 3.  The body catches the vision, and Father Purpose is accomplished through that body.  However,  everything the Jews did was out of envy. Nothing they did at the time was really there to see God’s kingdom advanced.  So remember, if you’re not walking in Christ unity it will be tough to see anything accomplished.
Walk in Christ’s Unity