Acts 9:1-13
                                                                The Flame
Last night I was having coffee with a friend.  It was the first time I met her. Right away the conversation turned to God.  I had told her about the writing I do, the books I have written. I could tell there were doubts there.  She told me about meeting some of the “Jesus People” back in the day.  She told me she would ask them question they could not answer.  I told her ask me anything I have the answers.  I shudder to say that, but I felt that’s what our Father wanted me to say.  Like I have said in the past, our only responsibility is to do what we are told. Father is response able for the results.  She asked me that question.  Have you seen God?  The answer came so quick I thought to myself, God this better be good.
The answer was yes. She then asked me what he looked like. The question I put to her was have you ever seen a new born baby? Have you ever seen a sunset? Then Father hit me with my first memory. I was probably a year old. I am in my crib, and there is a flame on the wall.  I remember this like it was yesterday.  Probably better, sometimes I don’t remember yesterday real well, lol.  I was wondering why the flame was not spreading.  I cried and mom came in a picked me up.  This happened more than once. 
Paul on the road that day met the Living Christ in a burning bush.  His life was changed in a second. We have the words of eternal life. We all have a testimony that can change the lives of those we come in contact with. Be willing to share it. You may see a life changed.
Go in peace