Acts 4:5-12

 What’s in a name?

There is no other name by which a man can be saved than by the name of Christ. In John 14:13 we are told to ask whatever we will in the name of Christ.  We are not saved by the name of Buddha; we are saved by the name of Jesus Christ and everything that means.  Let me just state a couple of names, what comes to mind when you hear them.  Bundy, Bonnie and Clyde, Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan.  Images come to mind with names both good and evil.  Ted Bundy and Bonnie and Clyde bring to mind evil while Billy Graham and Ronald Reagan bring to mind honest, integrity, and wholesomeness.  When we are adopted into God’s family we take on the name of Jesus Christ. That my friends are why we are called Christians.  That is why when we state we are believers in the Christ people get a mental picture of who we are.   Imagine someone walking down your street, a stranger walks up to them and asks them your name.  What will the person say about you?  Will they say your name brings to mind integrity, or something else?   Christ passes unto us the Holy Spirit.  He passes onto us the very righteousness of our Father. What are we passing onto our children?  The two things we can pass on that have eternal value is our Faith in Christ, and a good and honorable name.

Go in peace