Acts 4:23-31 

They prayed and were filled with Holy Spirit boldness

Have you ever wanted so speak in the name of Christ but something held you back?  Before the crucifiction and resurrection Peter was a man who gave into his fear, after he was a man of courage to speak the name of Christ.  He had such courage of the spirit he was crucified upside down because he felt unworthy to be put to death the same way as Christ.  As many of you know I am undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, I have had some amazing times of prayer for other people going through their own cancer treatments.  Yesterday however I was given the honor of being able to share words of testimony and pray with a lady who ended up in tears.  This woman was with the American cancer society.  I noticed the Star of David in her necklace.  I asked her if she was Jewish.  She said she was.   We talked; I shared some of the miracles that I have seen the Christ do in my life.  I asked her if I could pray for her, she said yes.  As I prayed the Holy Spirit into her heart, I prayed that Father would touch her in a way that every one could see that she belonged to him, I prayed that she would be given words of comfort, to the people she dealt with. Tears came to her eyes.  The Holy Spirit touched her.  Was I to push harder for a total acceptance of the Christ by her?  The words did not come to mind.  Father will touch her.  But if I had let the fear of asking if I could pray for her  stop me she would not have been touched.  Fear is a paper lion.  Go forth this day with the boldness of one who has nothing to lose, but every thing to gain.  Remember the people Father brings you in contact with really do have everything to gain.

Go in peace