Acts 4:12
                                                                       What’s in a name?
We are told in this one verse what’s in a name.  We are saved by the Name of Christ.  Paul speaks at length of adoption in the book of Romans.  To make this as simple as possible, when a person is adopted into a family he/she takes on that family name. That person is grafted into that family forever.  Paul speaks of a Jew who rejects the Christ as being cut off, and in their place a person who receives Christ receives him who sent Christ. (Our Heavenly Father.) We are grafted in.  Mohamed, Buddha, Joseph Smith, can’t save us.  It’s only when we accept the grace that Father is offering through the Christ that and take his name that we are saved.  It only when a person takes the name of Christ that the inheritance is given to him/her.  Names mean something. Names bring with it inheritance and family.  Let’s say a person walks into a church. He proclaims his brotherhood to the men and women in attendance there. Someone asks him the question. “So you’re a Christian then?”  His answer is. “No I am a Muslim.” There is no brother hood there.  This person has rejected the name of Christ; by rejecting the name of Christ he is rejecting the Christ himself.  To receive the inheritance of Father, we must be His children. That happens when we are adopted in and take on the name of Christ. When one is adopted one take on the name of the parents who adopted him/her.  When one is saved by the blood of Christ one takes on His name as well.
When we take on the name of Christ we become the sons/daughters of Our Father in heaven.  It’s time to walk in that adoption that we have all experienced.
Go in peace