Acts 2:17
                                                                                Your young men will see visions
How many times have you looked at your child staring of into never, never land and told them to stop day dreaming?   How many times have we told our children to pay attention and they seem to almost not hear us?  Perhaps the question we should be asking them is “what are you seeing?”  We will probably get the answer “Nothing”.  We could however, receive an answer that will totally blow us away.  There may be insights there that even our minds, (as brilliant as they are, lol) cannot comprehend.  Remember Father has spoken through Children in the past.  A child’s mind is much more pure than ours as time has not jaded them yet.  We as parents and grandparents have an obligation to do whatever we can to help them understand that  rare privilege they have in receiving visions from our Father through the Son by the spirit.  So if you’re a parent, instead of shutting down that young person who is staring off into heaven ask what are you seeing?  Teachers, when that student is staring off during class, try this. Johnny, or Judy, I want you to write out what’s going through your mind.  Do it in a quiet way as not to draw attention to what is going on.  Try to have the “buy” into the concept of letting their mind run, but harness where it is running to.  Build on the creativeness.   You may be amazed by the results.  You may unleash something that Father is doing in that young person’s spirit.
Go in peace