Acts 17:22-34
                                                                                        Paul the philosopher
Paul was an extremely educated man.  He had a handle on a great deal of information.  He had studied the law, philosophy and many other things.  He could discuss things on many levels.  There is an important lesson to be learned from   a study of Brother Paul. The Greeks worshiped knowledge more than anything else.  They understood it was impossible to know everything. So in their worship of many Gods they put up a statue to the unknown God.  Paul was disturbed because of all of the Pagan symbols and statues that he saw there.   Father gave him a stroke of genius in reaching them.  Instead of attacking their belief system, he used it to gain access into their hearts and minds.  The effectiveness of what he said at the statue to the unknown God is something that nothing is said of.  There are two people named in the text that did become followers. Even at that the sermon was worth preaching.  As we deal with people who have been raised in the church we must be cognizant of their belief system.  We are not called to show them where they are wrong, but to show them how Father is right.  We are called to call people to a deeper relationship with the living Christ.  We are not called to show them where their theology is messed up.  If we use their belief system and allow Father to draw them to him using that belief system then Father can use the love we show them to instill a passion for him in their hearts that can open their mind to allowing Father to touch their hearts in such way that he can and does draw them to him.  This day as you are presented with things that you know to be wrong, follow Paul’s example.  Use such things in a way that will draw people’s minds to Father through the Son by the spirit. 
Go in peace