Acts 1:20-25
                                                                       Father get’s the glory.
This is the portion of scripture where Herod is eaten by worms and dies because the crowd listened to his speech and called him a god.  Herod had a choice here, he could give our Father the glory or not.  Let’s just say he chose wrong.  He was given a gift of being able to speak eloquently and used it for his glory and not Gods.   This really struck me this morning. Father gives us gifts. Some of us he places in high places with those gifts some in man’s eye not so high.   The only thing Father wants is credit where credit is due.  He wants the credit for all that he does for us and with us.   Take a look at your life, where has Father placed you at this time in history.    Each of us is here for some part of Fathers purpose.   If we are doing what Father has created us to do we will experience success.  When we experience that success is given to us we must give the credit back to our Father in heaven through the Son by the Spirit.   We are his servants; strive to hear these words spoken by the Christ in the parable of the talents…  “Well done good and faithful servant.” As we do those things we were created to do then we will truly feel fulfilled in what we are doing.  If that thing is small or big it does not matter.  If it is something that brings fame and fortune, or just brings Father’s grace to someone in a practical way the results should be the same, it all brings glory to our Father through the Son by His Spirit.  Just remember in everything we do where the glory goes.
Go in peace