Acts 12:20-24
                                                                                          Herod’s final speech.
Here we see a king who is given many gifts.  He was given our Father’s earthly kingdom for a season.   He was given the ability to speak very eloquently on many topics.   The problem he ran into was he forgot why he was given these gifting.  The result was he became worm food literally.  The lesson here is a simple one.  Our Father in heaven gives the gifts, and deserves the credit for any great thing that becomes of it.  These days I find myself signing many books.   I like to personalize each book I sign.  The main theme I enjoy writing is that if they will work hard with the gifting’s they have been given they will see God’s greatness in all that they do.  The question for each of us this day to ponder is this. What have I been gifted in.  Where is my passion? Then start praying. Father through the Son by the Spirit how are you going to use this gift you have given me to expand your kingdom.   Then wait for the answer, and then do what you’re led to do.  I will guarantee you will see God’s greatness in your life.
Go in peace