Acts 1
                                                                          Now What?
 Here the situation.   We have Christ ascended to heaven. He had been here 40 days discussing with the disciples just what was coming.  They are following his instructions and waiting in an upper room for the Holy Spirit to come upon them.   My friend waiting is the hardest thing in the world for me to accomplish. Yet Fathers plan requires us to do that at times.  There are times when Father has something tremendous planned and we just have to wait.   I have had times when I was forced to wait for something great to happen. I had to wait on Father provision for his project to be accomplished.
As always his timing was perfect.   He provided the funding at the time that would open doors of ministry that would prove to be amazing.   But like the disciples of old, at times we are called to wait for Fathers timing.   Remember this, Father timing is always perfect. His timing is not always our timing, but his timing is always perfect.
Go in peace