1st Pete 5:6-11
                                                                                                We have a choice.
You may ask: What is our choice?  That choice is quite simple.  We either humble ourselves or Father will do it for us.  There is a promise that goes through this portion of scripture. He who humbles himself will be exalted.  In the book Eli the beginning of greatness there is a character named thumbnail.  He is a cute little angel that Father uses to talk too many of the characters in the book.  He has one little problem. This little feller has an ego problem.   A huge truth comes out in this book. God the Father wants the credit for the good that happens in our lives.  At one point Father chuckles when he has Thumbnail sitting on Eli’s shoulder when he goes into the shower and about gets washed down the drain because he is taking the credit for something our Fathers is doing though him.  Thumbnail is rescued and Father simply asks one little question. “Who gets the credit thumbnail?” “You do Father.” Is the answer the little guy gave. 
So here is the question for the day.  What things are happening in your life that are really good? Or what things are happening in your life that may be trying to stop what God is doing that is good.  And Fathers keeps things moving in the direction that Father has laid it on your heart for things to go? In other words you win.  Remember all good things come from above. Give credit where credit is due. And you will be exalted.
Go in peace