John 12:42-50
                                                                             Walk in the Light.
In Mark 13 we are told not to worry about what to say. When the words are needed they will be there.  In the above scripture the Christ says in verse 50 that whatever the Father tells him to speak he speaks.  He had the Fathers Holy spirit dwelling within him. He is the second part of the trinity. He is God. We are not the Christ. However, we do have Fathers Holy Spirit dwelling within us.   Father by the Son though his Spirit will bring people across our path that he will use you to touch.  Devine appointments if you will.  You will find as you keep your mind and spirit open to what Father is doing with you, you will see more and more of these “appointments” happening.  The key is being open to being used by Father in these situation, and knowing that the exact words needed to touch the hearts of the people he bring across your path will be there when needed.  Here is a suggestion for a prayer today. “Father as I go about my business today give me ears to hear you voice, a heart to take the words you speak to me in, and the courage to say what you tell me to say. In the name of your son Jesus the Christ, amen.
Go in peace