Joseph the picture of fortitude                       Gen 37

The story of Joseph;  Times are starting to get tough here in the states.  But we have it pretty easy compared to what Joseph went through.  Joseph was one who would not compromise on what he knew was the truth.  He would not compromise on what Father had laid out for him to do.  You think things are tough, his brothers sold him into slavery ,
Potifiers wife tried to seduce him.  He was thrown into prison for years. He told guys what their dreams meant, and still he had to sit in prison. Yet his faith in his Father in heaven was unwavering.  I can’t imagine the temptations he went through and yet he did not waiver in his steadfastness in accomplishing his Fathers will. :You see our Father could see the big picture.  That’s what we have to keep in mind through everything that hits us, no matter how hard we are hit, we must keep our focus on Fathers purpose.  He has a plan, everything that happens will move towards accomplishing his purpose.  When you get hit, when Satan throws his best, look to Father for what he is going to accomplish.
Go in peace
Serve the Lord
Thanks be to God