2nd Peter 1:3-8
                                                                                        Supplement your faith.
It is scary to ever hear someone say I am supplementing my faith.  What good old Peter is talking about here are things that we don’t do in place of our faith, but doing things as a result of our faith that will add strength to our faith and give us the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ that will add to our ability to overcome the lust and seductions that the world throws at us each and every day.  The things Peter is admonishing us to supplement our faith with are Godliness, self control, brotherly affection, and love.  In the verses following this section (9-11) we can hear Peter telling us that to not be exercising these virtues in our life actually demonstrates that we have actually forgotten the cleansing that took place on resurrection Sunday.   Peter was an eye witness to the suffering and resurrection of Christ.  To be in the presence of God himself in physical form would be enough to give anyone the faith to be able to overcome anything. Yet we all know that even Peter before resurrection denied the Christ. Know this, that as we grow in Faith, our faith will demonstrate the traits mentioned above that Peter lists as a supplement to our Faith.  AS you look in the mirror today ask yourself this question. Are these characteristics evident in my life?   Then ask our Father through the Son by the Spirit to magnify them, and make you what he wants you to be this day.
Go in peace