2 Timothy 1:8-12

 I will not be ashamed of the Gospel.

Today, *Sunday” I was given the honor of delivering the sermon at our bi- annual family reunion.  I had at great effort spent a great deal of time putting together thee sermon that I thought Father wanted me to preach.  We had the service set. The music was in place. Or was it?  Late Saturday night our two lead musicians had a family emergency and had to leave.  They had left the service bulletin for us.  We had the music. Deb my cousin is a decent keyboardist.  I am a barely adequate guitarist.  But Father blessed it. Then came time for the sermon on Sunday.  I looked around and my notes were gone. Vanished. My cousin Deb asked if I was going to wing it.  Yup as I walked to the pulpit.  I had a few thoughts in my mind, as I turned it over to the Holy Spirit to do the talking.  I shared experiences with my kids; I shared my experiences with Sharon, and the healing of Hobie.  I talked about the great mystery of John 17 where Christ talks about Father and himself being intertwined and then brining it to our level. Then we prayed for a new member of the Family .   As we prayed and laid hands on her she was in tears.  Father will put us into positions where we can worry about what people are going to think of us, or we can just let the spirit lead us and see where he is going to take us.  I have found as we allow him to take us where he wants to the results can be amazing.  It’s time to not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But to walk in the courage of the Holy Spirit and see lives changed.

Go in peace