2 Thessalonians 3:10
                                                 If a man does not work he shall not eat
Father creates man with purpose.  For that purpose to be accomplished the man must be willing to roll up his sleeves and get something accomplished for Himself and for the Kingdom.   Just read a story about a rock star. Jon Bon Jovi.  He started a fine restaurant where a person pay what they can afford.  If a person cannot afford anything then they are put to work for their meal.  I think this man is on the right track.  Christ shows us in a couple of instances what Father’s view of a person who does not use his talent is.  For instance in Matthew 25:14-30 we see three men who are given talents.  Two of the three use their talents to gain for their master.  One does not but hides his talent.  That man has a sorry ending to his tale.  The fact of the matter is this, we are all given talents. Use those talents for Fathers kingdom.  It’s time to put to use the talents that Father has given you to see growth in the kingdom.
It’s time to go to work
Do so in peace