2 Samuel 12:1-13
                                                                                     Satan is out to destroy your family
                                                                                                Will you let him?
David had it made. He was a man after God’s own heart.  The enemy saw this and set out to destroy that which Father loved.   The enemy would use David biggest weakness to destroy that which Father loved.  Today the enemy is seeking to destroy that which Father loves as well, that is us.   The question each and every one of us has to answer is; are we going to let him do it?  As we can see it this portion of scripture and stretching it out over the next chapter we see brother against brother.    The enemy has one goal in mind. That is to destroy the family, by doing so he can destroy the young warriors both male and female that will be rising against him in the future.   As parents and grandparents today it is incumbent upon us to live our lives in such a way that our children and grandchildren can flourish and the love of our Father through the Son by the Spirit can take hold in their lives in a way that will make the enemy of their soul’s quake with fear.  Satan’s biggest tool today is selfishness.   His biggest tool with David was the same selfishness.  He was king. He could have anything he wanted it when he wanted it.  His act showed no honor either to self or to our Father.  Father would have given David anything he wanted.  Much like Adam and Eve in the garden all they had to do was obey and the rewards would have been tremendous.   David chose an act which Father could not abide with.  He chose to take that which was not his to take.  The enemy got the victory and the destruction of David’s family was set in motion.  Don’t open that door that leads to the destruction of your children.  Instead look to Father to supply ALL of your needs according to his riches in Glory. 
Go in peace