2 Kings 2:1-18

The mantle was passed.  We see here Elisha and Elijah.   Elisha has been mentored by Elijah for a number of years.  The day has come for Elijah to be taken away in a whirlwind.  Several times the dedication of Elisha to Elijah would come out in this portion of scripture.  Each of us is given a measure of time on this earth.  The message we are given here is continuity.  Father put it on Elisha’s heart to stay with Elijah until the very end so the “Mantle” of ministry could be passed.  The ministry that each of us is given is not for our wellbeing, it’s for the well being of the people who are ministered to by Father through each one of us.  Last night at church Father put a word on my heart for one person.  That word? “Pass the mantle.”   The person these words were spoken to is an elderly man with a dynamic ministry.  His is a call to repentance, a call that comes with great love and caring, not one of legalism that beats one over the head with the word.  One must, I repeat must, be willing to take one’s ministry that they have been active in on this earth, and pass it on to someone else  before the time that Father takes one out of this earth.  Father is no respecter of persons. He wants to keep changing people into what he created them to be.  We are all given gifts; many of us are given the same gift as another.  The reason is so when Father decides it’s time to bring us home, someone can pick up the “Mantle” and carry on with what Father is doing.  As we walk in the ministry, whether it be a business, a bible study, or anything else Father has placed us in, we are given it for a season to work Fathers business.  The time will come for each of us to hand it off. When Father places infront of you someone who can carry on what he has started, make sure that someone is trained and ready to take the “Mantle” when the time comes.  Prime example, Franklin and Billy Graham, Billy brought his son in at a fairly young age and started training him to walk in  the ministry that God had started through Billy.  That is what handing off the mantle is all about. 1

Go in peace