2 Corinthians 5:17
                                                  We are new creations in Christ
It’s the beginning of a new year 2012.  We all get new starts, or do we? We are promised old things are put away and all things are new, or are they?  If we allow our past to come back to haunt us, or worse yet, if we long to go back to those days of sinfulness then we are making the sacrifice that Christ made for us to become that new creation useless.  Let me remind the reader, in order for us to be that new creation we MUST be in Christ.  We must have put on Christ.  We must have chosen Christ over our old life.  That young wild child is someday going to be an old drunk if he/she does not put on Christ and let Him change them from the inside out.  That young attractive woman at a bar will be a haggard old woman drunk unless she puts on Christ.  That young man who is out living “the life” will end up homeless and destitute unless he puts on Christ. We are all born with a promise on our lives. We are all born with a potential to accomplish great things in God’s kingdom.  Potential is just that. Accomplishment that could be done through us, could is the operative word here. When a person is in Christ and Christ in him/her (john chapter 17.) that could becomes (will) if that new person in Christ is willing to step out in what Father is leading them to do.  As we look at the year 2012 what is Father going to accomplish through you?  Do you realize the potential for greatness that is stirring up inside you just waiting to be released?  It comes down to this. The enemy is going to do everything he can to stop you.  You are a new creature if you have put on Christ. It is the Holy Spirit working in you that will accomplish great things. Remember is 1st Corinthians 14:32 the spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets.  It’s our openness and willingness to be used and not hold back that Father really uses through his spirit to accomplish great things.  My encouragement today is this. Assuming you have put on Christ, don’t hold back. Allow his spirit which indwells you the believer to lead and guild you to greatness.
Go in peace]