2 Corinthians 5:17
  He who is in Christ is a new creation.
This raised a question in my mind. How do we be in Christ?  That raises another question. How do we be?  To be is to exist. So to be in Christ is to exist in Christ.  To be in Christ is to mean without Christ we really do cease to live.  You see the scripture speaks of two deaths.  We each face two deaths. But the two deaths look different for those in Christ and those who reject the freedom that Christ gives.  It’s like this.  Romans 6 speak of us being dead to sin but alive in Christ. This is the person who has a spiritual rebirth.  This is the person who is in Christ.  This is the person who has received Christ as their personal lord and savior.  This is the person who has an intimate relationship that allows him/her to just be in the presence of the Father, through the Son by the Spirit and experience the full of the God head.  Then there is the person spoken of in Revelation 20. His second death is one of eternal pain and suffering because of his/her rejection of the forgiveness that Father offers through the Christ by the Spirit. This is an eternal destruction that just does not stop, ever.  We do have a choice. The results of that choice are very stark in contrast.  You see we literally choose life or we choose death.  The choice is ours.
Choose wisely
Go in peace.