2 Corinthians 5: 12-20
                                                                                All things are made new,
We were all covered in sin.  We were all separated from God.  When Christ died and walked out of the grave it made it once again possible for us to be reconciled to God, having been cleansed by Christ blood that he shed on the cross. When we are reconciled through the blood of Christ we are grafted into God. Being grafted into God are sins are removed as far as the east is from the west.  When that happens we become new creatures in Christ.  When that happens we become children of God, and God becomes our Father.  Something else happens here also, we become ambassadors of Christ.  When an ambassador of one country speaks in his official role he is not speaking for himself he is speaking for the country which has named him ambassador.  That is the role as children of our Father we take on when we receive Christ as our lord and savior  and we become new creations.  We also become ambassadors for the kingdom of God himself.  Our role is to put forth God’s kingdom in a way that the people who see us will in fact see us as the new creatures we are.  As we walk in the newness that Father has placed in us that will draw people to him.  Remember it’s not what we do; it’s what he has done in us that people are drawn to.  So next time you are tempted to do something that is not in line with what Father has done in you, think again. We are held responsible for our actions.  When we are told by the spirit to do something, we have an obligation to do what we are told.  We must be that ambassador that Father at the time of our salvation created us to be.
Go in peace