2 Corinthians 3:7-18

                This refers to the Glory of our Father being veiled because man had not as of yet been purified by the sacrifice of The Christ.  This talks about Glory of condemnation and the Glory of righteousness and points out that the glory of righteousness that is in Christ lifts the veil and we can gaze on the Face of our Father because of what Christ did.  Verse 18 is the verse that really got my attention here.  This is the verse that I was quick to do a bit of further reading.  Because of what Christ did we are actually transformed into the image of God.  We are able to put on Fathers Righteousness because of what Christ did.  Again I encourage each and every one of us to go back and reread the 17th chapter of John.  Understand the unity that Jesus the Christ is asking for from Father.  Realize  the oneness that we can actually have with Father because of the sacrifice that Christ is about to make on the Cross so we can once again have the spirit of our Father the great I AM dwell with in us, and us in him.  This one event in history changed history forever.   So today as we look in the mirror, realize that you are so important to Father that he chose to make the sacrifice so His spirit could once again dwell with in us, and us in him.  Realize that we because of the Sacrifice of the Son once again  we do carry within us the image of God. 

Go in peace