2 Corinthians 2:12-17
                                                                               Our triumph in Christ.
The word of God coming through Paul is amazing. His use of the sensory is amazing to read. But the key here is this.  When Father opens a door to us to minister to someone he will have the victory in his Son the Christ.  There are two aromas that are spoken of here. One is life, the other is death.   The aroma that the believer brings to any situation is one of the Christ.  It is sweet smelling aroma and brings an excitement to a situation as the life of Christ becomes evident in the life of the believer.  We are each presented with doors every day.  We are promised triumph when we are willing to walk through the door.  We are the people Father through the Son by the Spirit will use us to bring the sweet aroma of the saved to those we come in contact with.  It is the fragrance of life and health.  Keep in mind the person who rejects the free gift that Father Offers through the son is choosing a life of decay and death.  That person is choosing a life that has the repulsive aroma of Death.  We are commissioned to bring life and hope to all those we come in contact with.  When the door is opened we have a choice. We can  enter the door and bring the hope and love of Christ.  Or we can walk away from the door.  My encouragement today is to walk through the door.  Be that person who cares enough to walk and share Christ.  Be that person who is willing to share that sweet fragrance of life.
Go in peace.