1st Samuel 20 
                                                David and Jonathon “Click”
This is where a life long friendship begins.  Sauls hatred of David comes through in a way that causes Jonathon to really look at what his Father Saul had become.  Saul sees his kingdom being taken from him by David.  His sees his reign ending, and his name disappearing from the earth.  Yet we see Jonathon being absolutely loyal to David.  One may ask, “Why would someone be willing to give up a kingdom of his earthly Father for someone else taking over the kingdom?”  Jonathon realized the kingdom was not his to take, it was not Saul’s to give, It belonged to His Father in heaven, and it was his to give to whom he would.  His loyalty would be rewarded by David. The mistake Saul made was to place himself in Fathers place of authority.  Saul had been given a strict command from God himself through Samuel on wiping out a people.  He did not carry it out.  His kingdom was to be given to David.  Jonathon was one of Saul’s sons.  Our Father will not be mocked.  He makes the choices we don’t.  Saul was unrepentant.  Our Father knew his heart.  He also knew David’s and Jon’s.  Because of the love these two men had for our Father, Father could build a relationship between them that would not just help them in their lives in Israel, but I am sure has been built upon over the centuries in Fathers kingdom in heaven.   We are each given friendships that Father will use to build his kingdom.  This is an example of one that was built by Father’s spirit in a way that would build his kingdom of Israel.  Today look around yourself. Who is that one friend who you really “click” with?  Father will use that friendship to build his kingdom if you let him.
Go in peace