Saul, David, and Tim Tebow.
                                                                                                1st Samuel 17:31-58
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I can here some say. Mike is going to write about last night’s football game.   Yes and no.  You see if one looks at this passage in 1st Samuel we see David’s triumph over a giant, and the one who would send him against the giant trying to kill him out of jealousy. You see Saul was given a task to perform by God to protect his people. When he did not carry it out, Father took him out of his king’s role.  Not right away mind you.  It took a while, but our Father being totally just carried out his word.  Father puts people in positions of power and prestige for one reason. That reason is His Glory. David would really mess up later on in his rule as King over Israel. His actions would destroy his family. His choice to go against what Father had put before him would destroy him.  Tim Tebow is now at the point in his career where things are really going his way.  Everything is looking bright.  The most wonderful thing about his story goes back to when his mom was pregnant with him.  Her health was at risk, the doctor suggested an abortion.  She would not do it. Instead put her health at risk and gave life to the young man.  All three men were sold out to Father. Two chose to turn away, David came back. However, the choices he made had consequences  that he had to pay for, for the rest of his life.  Tim was created for such a time as this. Father placed him in the position he is in to be an example to kids all over the world. The responsibility on this young man is huge.  I don’t know Tim. Have never met him. But his humble spirit comes across in every interview.  The enemy of our souls will try to destroy this young mans testimony.  Be praying that Father keeps his mind set on Christ. That if he wins or loses his gives all glory and honor to our Father.  Remember this. To whom much is given much is required. 
Tim is given a stage for a while to bring Gods word to the nation.
Pray for time to be that ambassador that can and does do this with honor and faithfulness
Go in peace