1st Samuel 17
                                                                   Obedience leads to victory.
When David went out to take on the Golaith God told him to pick some smooth rocks out of the river.  Then he went and took on the giant.  He did exactly what Father was telling him to do.  He took on the giant in a way that would destroy the enemy of God’s people.  In a discussion I was having tonight with my sister the point was brought out what would have happened if David had not followed the instructions that Father had laid out.  He would have lost.  In a discussion I had today with my friend Rushann she would tell me how Father would give her instruction on how to handle a situation.  Her brother and sisters would tell her it would not work. It always did.  When our Father shows us clearly how we are to use the gifting he has given us they always work. So what are we scared of.  Why is it that we quake in our boot at the thought of taking the actions our Father in heaven is leading us into for his purpose.  We cannot continue on this course. We cannot continue running in fear when Father wants us to accomplish something for his kingdom.  When you know you’re being led to do something just do it. Don’t run, don’t back down, don’t make excuses just do it.  It’s time to be the person God created you to be. It’s time to quit making excuses why you can’t do something, and go to work and accomplish exactly what Father wants you to do. Let’s get to work. Remember if David would not have done exactly what our Father had told him to do he would have lost.  Don’t lose, do that which you’re being called to do. And you will win.
Go in peace