1st Samuel 15:1-16:13
                                                                                                        Samuel lost it
                Here is where we see Saul being commanded to do something. The problem is he does not do it completely.  I am seeing over and over again why it is so important that when we are given a command that we carry it out completely.  God our Father gave Saul specific instructions that Father had reasons to have carried out.  Saul took the stand that he would carry out only part of the instructions.  He would keep the best for himself.  Then when Samuel called him on it he made an excuse.  Father does not take lightly to excuses.  We are at war. People are going to hell.  Every day God our Father puts people in front of us that we can minister to.  The question is this. What are we going to do with it?  The word tells us not to worry about what we are going to say. We just need to start talking.  The Holy Spirit that dwells inside of us will do the rest.  Saul lost it all because he would not do exactly what our Father wanted him to do.  Our Father in heaven is precise.  He has a reason for every word he wants us to say.  All we have to do is say it.  So when you’re led to say something, say it.  Do not be pulled to the right or the left, but keep your focus on Father and His kingdom.   When you’re led to do something, do it completely.  Those things you’re holding back on may be the “Bullet” that is needed to destroy a stronghold the enemy has on a person.  We are instructed to be on the attack and totally destroy the enemy leaving nothing to chance.  It’s time to put on the armor we have been given and go on the attack.
Go in peace