1st Peter 5:6-11
                                     We must humble ourselves
     It’s clear in this portion of scripture that we are to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God that in due time he can exalt us.   We are to cast our anxieties upon him.  That means we are to worry about nothing.  Paul writes in Phil. 4:6 we are to be anxious for nothing, but make our needs known to God he will take care of us.   He always provides safe havens for us.  The problems come when we are to proud to take advantage of such havens or does our pride get in the way of what Father wants to in our lives.  Father does supply all of our needs according to his riches in Glory.  The problem comes when our emotion gets in the way of us hearing what Father is trying to tell us.   Father gives visions to his children.  Hosea 4:6.  He also gives the plans to carry out the vision.   He gives confirmation for said vision.   There are times when Father tells us to go here or there in an instant to accomplish part of His vision.   My experience is when the above happens it’s for touching an individual, or building       something in the accomplishment of his purpose.  If we look at history people who are called to poverty are called there to reach people in that situation.  Mother Theresa is a prime example.  Everything that Father does is to bring more of his kids back home.  We will not always see Fathers end game when we are led to do something.  But we will always see someone being touched and led back to Father through it.  July 17th  I am leaving on an extended promotion tour for Eli greatness begins, it’s a gift Father has given me over the last 4 years.  Lives will be touched in many ways. By the book, by what Father has me say to people and the people Father has me praying for on the trip.  Father will supply all of my needs because he really does care for me and the people he brings me in contact with.  I have no idea who the people are that I will be in contact with, but this I do know. He has people out there who need his touch.  I will be honored by being able to be his instrument to touch them.   The key to this whole thing is realizing that we operate in his vision not ours.  The bottom line is this; if you really think you’re being led to do something go to the word and make sure it lines up with that.  Father never operates outside his word.  If it is something that his word speaks against don’t expect Father to bless it.  If it does line up with his word then go forth in his power and might.  Always remembering that it is his vision not ours.  Remember we are his servants, he is in control.
Go in peace