1st Peter 5:6-11

Humble yourselves, for he care for you.

When my bike broke down on the freeway in North Dakota and I was 300 miles away from home I had some choices to make. I had no clue why having takin all the steps possible to make sure the bike was road worthy for a long treck this would happen. I felt no panick, it kinda surprised me. t. I knew Father had everything under control. I’ll get the bike back, and I will ride it again. I am safe. It was a bit warm out there on the freeway as I waited 2 hours for the tow truck but I simply waited. I went home to my house in proctor minnesota and trusted that our Father had everything under control. I have seen reason after reason why Father sent me back here since I have arrived on sunday afternoon. I have been able to help my daughter, I have seen Eli get picked up by Lakeview Christian academy. I have sold some more copies of the book to other people. And I have to get ready for a huge book signing at the Carlton County fair in Barnum Minnesota. Our Father really does have everything under control. It comes down to trust. Simple trust.

Go in peace