1st Peter 5:6-11
                                            Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God
Humbling oneself is never easy. However, that is exactly what we are called to do. There is another promise here as well. That in due time he will exalt you.  Remember proverbs 16:18 we are told pride cometh before destruction. I would say that there is a fine line between being proud, and being self confident.  When one realizes that our Father has given one gifting that needs to be used to build Fathers kingdom, and one uses said gifting in that role, one tends to become very confident in the way one is using those gifts.  That confidence comes from a person’s understanding of what Father is using them to accomplish.  The credit for the accomplishments always goes back to our Father and what he is doing.  If a person is operating with pride, that person is taking the credit for what is being done through him/her upon oneself.  To act out of pride is a very dangerous thing to do.  We see an example of a truly humble person in Denver’s quarterback Tim Tebow.  Here is an example of God lifting a person to heights of stardom.  He pours himself into game preparation. He also pours himself into people around him.  Last night I watched his press conference and saw humbleness come fourth.  Here is a genuine example of what Father will do with an individual who always gives the glory back to Father.   The key thing to remember is never doubt the gifting Father has given you. Use the gifting aggressively to build Fathers kingdom.  Do not shy away from whatever task Father has lain before you. But attack that project given to you by the Father through the son by the Spirit.  True honor comes not from the exaltation of man, but our Father saying to us. “Well done good and faithful servant.
Go in peace