1st Peter 4:7-11
                                                                               Love covers a multitude of sin.
The love that Peter is speaking of here is not a gushy feel good love. This is the hard working day to day love that grinds it out. It is not the Love that expects something in return, it is the love that gives and gives expecting nothing in return. This also talks about always having Fathers words on our lips. To be constantly speaking his word in conversations as the day goes on. We need to be doing things that will draw people to the Savior. We will make mistakes in our life. We will sin. Two things are going on here. #1 By operating in love in all we do we are cutting the sins we do commit to a minimum. 2. By operating in love we are being that vessel that Father can use to see more and more people brought to him.

Make this your prayer today.

Father as I go out today, make everything I do and say be an example of your love to all those around me. In Jesus name.
Go in peace