1st Peter 2:4-12

 What does it really mean to have Christ as your corner stone?

We wake in the morning, we get up drink coffee, go about our day, go to bed and go to sleep.  We eat sleep, talk to friends, and missed opportunities all over the place because we have not tapped into Christ at the beginning of our day.  To be the cornier stone on a building is to be the stone that holds the rest of the building in place.  It is the first stone set so the rest of the building goes the way it should when constructed.  That my friend is what Peter is talking about here.  Yesterday I started getting the “time to get out of the house and ride” feeling.  When this happens I know from experience that Father is going to touch someone.  I had been at the Barnum fair twice this week.  Had no real reason to go back our so I thought.  I was sitting at the computer looking some things over and praying.  Feeling more and more like I needed to leave, but could not yet.  Walked over to the couch and my phone rings, it’s a wrong number, but wait I asked John on the other line if I could pray for him.  I did, prayed that Christ would be the center of his life.  It was a divine appointment.  I still had to get out of the house.  Hopped on my bike and headed south.  Back to the fair I went

.  Gave part of my manuscript of Eli greatness begins to a book store owner so she could read it.  (I am going to be doing a book signing there next year.)  Again best I can I try to keep Christ the center of all that I do. By this point I am really hungry.  I almost eat at one of the trailers on the fair ground but can’t.  I walk towards the 4H kitchen.  I spot the Indian taco stand.  I have a buffalo burger.  End up talking to the lady sitting there who owns the taco stand.  Neet lady, a native believer in the Christ.  We share for about an hour; I lay hands on her and pray for her.  I take the Gideon’s testaments out of my back pocket and ask her to give them away. The Holy Spirit touches her.  We agree I will be back next year.  But more important we agree that Jesus is the Christ and must be the center of all that we do.  The point of all of this is?  If I had not had Christ as the corner stone I would not have been led in the way that I was. We as Christians walk through life with no purpose at times because we miss what happens when we are totally centered on the Christ. If you are not there then just pray and ask Father to get you to that point in your life, he will.

Go in peace